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Both Paul Lomma and Lomma homes were born in 1975, and as such the building industry and luxury housing is Paul's blood.
Paul is an honest designer with no preconceived notions or style, instead letting each client’s brief and the site dictate the outcome of the design. As a designer and a builder Paul has an innate understanding of how things work, not only on paper but in reality.  Design is often  referred to as a process of compromise, Paul believes that this is only true of lazy design, "design challenges should be seen as opportunities to create something great not as hurdles to overcome."

Often the challenge with design is to not only satisfy the clients brief but to do this whilst working with the limitations of the site, solar orientation, council guidelines and budget. Satisfying any one of these is easy, satisfying all of them is  what we aim to to do for every client.


For 40 years the name Lomma has been synonymous with luxury homes in Perth.  Every Lomma home is designed with the greatest of care and all the skill and experience that 40 years in the business brings. Lomma homes is firstly a multi disciplined design practice that encompasses architecture, interiors and landscape design, and secondly a builder with standards second to none. This combination means that clients can be sure that the home they desire will be produced at the budget they require. Paul Lomma is personally involved with every project from initial consultation all the way through to the completion of construction. This intimate involvement and continuity ensures each and every client receives an unparalleled level of service. The complete design and construction service offered by Lomma homes means that all clients can be assured that their new home will have a seamless integration of ideas, where the architecture, interiors and landscape blend seamlessly together.


The ultimate award for Lomma Homes is client satisfaction, having said that it is also nice to have your peers recognise your good work.

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